About Us

We Are the Drug Awareness Council

Our Goal

The Drug Awareness Council of District 2-E2 exists to further educate youth on the pitfalls and dangers of various drugs, both illicit and legal.

What the Council Does

The Council works with Lions Clubs in Lions District 2-E2 and schools within our area to plan events that promote education and awareness of drug, alcohol and tobacco use.

  • We offer matching grants to Lions Clubs who partner with schools in their area to promote awareness
  • We partner with other agencies to promote programs consistent with our mission.
  • We provide opportunities for student scholarships within our District and State Lions Organizations.
  • We participate in local Red Ribbon Week programs.
  • We are dedicated Lions who volunteer our time and talents promoting drug awareness.

Join Us in Our Mission

You can help us accomplish our goals by participating and promoting our programs.

If you are interested, you can donate to our cause by sending us a check or money order, made out to Drug Awareness Council and mailed to:

Drug Awareness Council
P. O. Box 28
Colleyville, TX 76034

History of the Drug Awareness Council

The DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program started in Los Angeles in 1983 by Chief of Police Gates.

The Drug Awareness Council (DAC) 2-E2 began on June 29, 1986, with a Constitution and By-Laws.  As stated in Article 4, Section 1:

The specific purpose for which the corporation is organized is to provide educational assistance and awareness to youth and adults of the dangers of drug abuse and chemical dependency through educational programs and the dissemination of information to all elements of society.

Our Board of Directors

Lion Dennis Hilleren

(Colleyville Lions Club)


Lion Karen Bryan

(Colleyville Lions Club)

Vice President

Lion Mary Ann Foley

(Sagniaw Lions Club)


Lion Lora Shumate

(Colleyville Lions Club)


Lion James Tucker

(Keller Lions Club)

3rd year Director

Lion Darenda Rangel

(Colleyville Lions Club)

2nd year Director

Lion Danny Longoria

(Everman Lions Club)

1st-Year Director

Lion George Greco

(NW Tarrant Lions Club)

1st-Year Director

Lion Deborah Cottle

(Argyle Lions Club)

1st-Year Director

The Drug Awareness Council Board of Directors are elected annually in April at the Lions District 2-E2 Convention and serve three-year terms.